Goblet of Thirst


An unusual goblet – likely an eccentric wizard’s creation – this cup will dehydrate creatures that drink from it instead of slaking their thirst. Lightly adorned with unobtrusive runes and carvings of tree branches, and light-bronze in color, it can blend in equally well as a commoner’s old cup or as an antique in a wealthy noble’s estate.

DM Tips

  • This item offers no value in combat, and is intended to be provided to players as a vessel for roleplay. They might come up with an interesting use for it.
  • The goblet dehydrates an amount equivalent to the liquid drunk from it.
  • The goblet does not have any other special effects when filled with poison or other liquids, but will still dehydrate the drinker.
  • Intelligent creatures will likely realise what is happening after drinking a few large gulps from the goblet, but not before it dehydrates them significantly.
  • Less intelligent creatures, such as goblins, may not ever realise what is happening and have significant potential to kill themselves drinking from it.
  • It can be introduced in a variety of ways, but an interesting one might be to have it used as a torture device (either on NPCs or against the players themselves). The prisoner might be thirsty, and the torturer tempts them with fresh water, only to have it make their thirst worse.