Tree of Dice is a website devoted to providing high quality, original material for use in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Regular uploads include NPC characters, monsters, items and set pieces. The aim is for each post to have detailed lore, descriptions and DM tips so they can be slotted easily and effectively into campaigns with minimal effort, and provide engaging material that quests or story arcs can be built around.

All posts are accompanied by custom artwork I’ve commissioned from Mattias in Sweden, here’s a link to his artstation. He does great work, and is available for further commissions.

The background was commissioned from Lucas in Venezuela, here’s a link to his instagram.

This is all available for free, and you can use it in your own campaigns as you please. You can also re-post anything on the site for any non-profit reasons, as long as you provide credit and a link to where you got it from. The main ask is that you do not do anything commercial with the material on the site without my express written permission.

If you’d like to contact me for any reason, you can use the site’s contact page or email me at

Feedback is always welcome!

– Spire